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Carrot & Ginger

with Viola’s Clover Honey

(3 customer reviews)

The story of this soup? It’s all about personality. Farm fresh carrots, onions, celery, garlic with organic veggie stock and a spark of local ginger and honey. The finishing touch? A drop of dairy state’s heavy cream. It’s rich. It’s delicate. It makes you feel glad to be alive.

$14.00 per quart


Vegetable Stock* (Distilled Water, Celery Juice*, Carrot Juice*, Onion Juice*, Onion Juice*, Sea Salt, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Corn Starch*, Vegetable Flavor* (Gum Arabic), Garlic Powder*, Citric Acid And Turmeric*) Carrots*, Heavy Cream (Grade A Cream, Carrageenan), Onions*, Honey, Celery*, Butter, Ginger*, Garlic*, Spices*. Contains: MILK

*Organic Ingredient

Heating Instructions

To thaw, put our soup in the refrigerator at least one day before you plan to heat the soup. Our quart package takes approximately 24 hours to defrost completely but can take up to 48 hours depending on your refrigerator. You can quickly thaw in a microwave using the defrost setting. Times vary by microwave.

To heat on a stove – put contents of the quart package in a pan and use medium-low to medium heat until soup is warmed through.

3 reviews for Carrot & Ginger

  1. Kimberly A Dunn

    I tried this soup today, it is beyond awesome. Slightly sweet, earthy and creamy. Two of my co workers tried this soup at the office and loved it. I will purchase again. Bought it at Sendiks.. Can’t wait to try the others.

  2. Stan Gallinger

    Picked this up about a month ago at the Kenosha Farm Market, finally pulled it out of the freezer. Very full bodied, rich flavor. Filling too. Was great dinner on a cold snowy night. Highly recommended

  3. Stacey Nye

    This soup gives me life. I dream about the rich and creamy, not to sweet flavor. I’m having g some as I write this review!

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