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with Curry, Lentils & Chickpeas

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Mulligatawny? Or Mulligata-yummy? Yes, it’s a thing. Lentils, chickpeas, basmati rice and diced vegetables are simmered in our organic vegetable stock. Seasoned with aromatic curry and coconut milk. We top with fresh cilantro and a touch of honey for a sweet finishing touch.

$16.00 per quart


Vegetable Stock (Distilled Water, Carrots, Fennel, Kosher Salt, Leeks, Celeriac, Celery, Onions, Cilantro, Parsley, Garlic), Organic Diced Tomatoes (Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Sea Salt, Naturally Derived Citric Acid And Calcium Chloride), Cooked Basmati Rice (Distilled Water, Basmati Rice, Kosher Salt), Coconut Milk (Distilled Water, Shredded Coconut), Carrots, Tomato Juice (Tomato Concentrate [Water, Tomato Paste], Salt, Vitamin C [Ascorbic Acid]), Lentils, Onions, Chickpeas, Celery, Honey, Olive Oil, Garlic, Cilantro, Spices. Contains: COCONUT

Heating Instructions

To thaw, put our soup in the refrigerator at least one day before you plan to heat the soup. Our quart package takes approximately 24 hours to defrost completely but can take up to 48 hours depending on your refrigerator. You can quickly thaw in a microwave using the defrost setting. Times vary by microwave.

To heat on a stove – put contents of the quart package in a pan and use medium-low to medium heat until soup is warmed through.

1 review for Mulligatawny

  1. Desiree Langdon

    Tasted this up at a local farmers market and immediately bought a quart. You will not be disappointed. Your body will love you!

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